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Pressure Washing

Walkways, Buildings, Pylon Signs, Dumpster Pads, Trash Cans, more.

Asphalt Maintenance

Striping, Patching, Sealcoating, Overlays, Speed bumps, Bumpers, Crack-filling, more.

Sign Installation & Maintenance

Traffic, Parking Related, Custom, Pole Mounts, Buildings more.

Graffiti Removal

From most surfaces, Repainting or Covering if necessary.

Hazardous Spills

Chemicals, Unknown Substances, more.

Pavement Improvements

Installation & Relocation of Wheel Blocks, Metal Bollards, Drains, more.


Parking Lots, Construction & Industrial Areas, Warehouses, more.

Lighting Installation & Maintenance

Pole Lights, Ground Lightning, General Exterior, Ballasts, more.

Bulk Refuse Removal

Basic Hauling & Removal, all items sent to recycling if possible.

Tenant Spaces

Interior & Exterior, After Tenant Departure, Papering Windows, Lock Replacement, Minor Repairs, more.

Everything Else!

If you need a service not listed here, PLEASE ASK! If we can’t handle the job, maybe we know someone who can.

Lawn Service/Landscaping

Planning, Installation, Maintenance, Treatments including Fertilizer, Fire Ants, more.

Clean Sweep of Louisiana


Clean Sweep of Louisiana is happy to provide

excellent service for your location! We offer top

quality cleaning and other services for parking

areas of Retail Locations, Office Buildings, Malls,

Schools, Construction Sites, Apartment Complexes,

Tennant Spaces and more!

We will be your best employees that you never see.

You will also never see trash build up, unsightly

refuse, or deteriorated landscaping – to whatever

extent is needed. One call to Clean Sweep of

Louisiana, and the problem’s solved!

We have a knowledgeable and dependable staff,

always ready to help. Clean Sweep of Louisiana

constantly seeks out advances in the industry and

new services to achieve the best appearance for

your location.

Please view our services. We offer Free Estimates

and Phone Consultations. Should you need a service

not listed here, PLEASE ASK! If we can’t handle the

job, maybe we know someone who can.

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